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Denial of service of Minder Server with attacker-controlled REST endpoint



Minder is a software supply chain security platform. Prior to version 0.0.49, the Minder REST ingester is vulnerable to a denial of service attack via an attacker-controlled REST endpoint that can crash the Minder server. The REST ingester allows users to interact with REST endpoints to fetch data for rule evaluation. When fetching data with the REST ingester, Minder sends a request to an endpoint and will use the data from the body of the response as the data to evaluate against a certain rule. If the response is sufficiently large, it can drain memory on the machine and crash the Minder server. The attacker can control the remote REST endpoints that Minder sends requests to, and they can configure the remote REST endpoints to return responses with large bodies. They would then instruct Minder to send a request to their configured endpoint that would return the large response which would crash the Minder server. Version 0.0.49 fixes this issue.


Problem types

CWE-400: Uncontrolled Resource Consumption

CWE-770: Allocation of Resources Without Limits or Throttling

Product status

< 0.0.49

References CVE-2024-35185 CVE-2024-35185

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